Kate with math equations

I’m a number theorist, and, in Dyson’s classification, a frog. I enjoy simple-seeming questions that lead to a richness of structure. Areas of interest include elliptic curves, Kleinian groups, algebraic divisibility sequences, Diophantine geometry, arithmetic dynamics, and quadratic and hermitian forms. I am especially interested in cryptography, including elliptic-curve and isogeny-based cryptography and post-quantum lattice-based cryptography, as well as quantum algorithms, in part for the surprising way mathematical structures can have an outsize influence on human affairs. I enjoy problems that involve experimental, algorithmic, and especially visual mathematics, using a computer and other tools. I am developing a mild obsession with mechanical computing machines. There’s a great deal of hidden beauty in number theoretical problems waiting to be illustrated.

You can find my CV here.

Recent News

  • Due to COVID-19, I’ve been uploaded to the cloud and am not planning any travel in the near future (fall 2021).  I’ll see you on zoom!
  • I have a sabbatical during 2021-2022, generously supported by the Simons Foundation.
  • Thank you to the AWM for the great honor of being named an AWM Fellow.
  • It was a great honour to be recently featured as part of a webinar series with The National Academies, along with Jordan Ellenberg and moderated by Terry Tao.  You can watch here.

A Brief History