AMS Central/Western Spring 2019 Invited Address

“An Illustration in Number Theory”

Invited Address, March 22, 2019, AMS Joint Central/Western Sectional Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • The accompanying Notices Sectional Sampler. Please note the following corrigendum:  The article mistakenly attributed a density one result concerning curvatures in an Apollonian circle packing to Bourgain and Fuchs (cited as [2]). In fact, it is due to Jean Bourgain and Alex Kontorovich, On the local-global conjecture for integral Apollonian gaskets, with an appendix by Péter Varjú, in Invent. Math., 196 (2014), no. 3, 589–650.
  • My slides.
  • The accompanying videos (which may malfunction in the PDF of the slides).
  • I also gave a talk on cryptography in the Special Session on the Mathematics of Cryptography.